We find, connect and amplify the most important social and environmental projects in the world.

Why support Green Awards?

Recognize sustainability

Finding, connecting, and amplifying the impact of individuals and organizations that are making significant contributions to sustainability. You can help recognize and celebrate the efforts of these individuals and organizations.

Encourage social and environmental innovation

Spur innovation and creativity in finding solutions to environmental
challenges. You can help find those changing the world from their communities.

Support social and environmental education

Providing educational resources and materials for environmental and social entrepreneurs to thrive. You can help educate about the importance of sustainability, entrepreneurship, technology, and innovation.

Make a positive impact

Ultimately, Green Awards aims to make a positive impact on sustainability. By supporting Green Awards, you can help contribute to this goal, and make a difference in the world.


To be the major sustainable business platform in the world, in order to find, connect, and amplify the best sustainable projects on the planet.


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